Any idea of what to do in Los Angeles and San Diego?

I’m leaving tonight for Brussels then i’ll be in California from February 28 till March 10. I’m so in love with Europe that i haven’t taken a flight to any other continent for ages. Los Angeles should be super-fun as i’ll hang around with Beverly and Julian.

But from March 6 to 9, i’ll be in San Diego to speak at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference and i wonder what to do in the city during 5 days. I do hope that San Diego has more to offer than the attractions that the website of the conference recommends. So drop me an email or leave a comment if you have any idea about art shows, cool bars, film theatres that screen movies in spanish, etc. Anything but a “world-famous zoo”, multi-level shopping and entertainment complex, or breath-taking panorama “nestled between the mountains.”


I won’t update the blog much during the next few days (tho i’ll sort of cover the eTech conference and both Konomi and Sascha might have some good surprises) but i leave you with a superb video by Tommy Seebach.