I’m hoooome

Özgur TASAR, from Umea Institute of Design in Sweden, has developed Nokia One, a home communication interface that unites home entertainment and commnunication, incorporating Instant contact into the home entertainment system (TV/Music).


The system consists of a main unit with projector and a commander for interaction.

The main unit has an induction charging surface, a central harddisk, light system based on OLED flexible screen system, wireless system for data transfer and microphone for “talking in the air.� The Controller does all the interaction.

When you come home, you throw your mobile phone into NOKIA one. This action makes you digitally at home too. Mobile phone syncronizes with NOKIA One. Contact, message, photos and other media updates are exchanged. If you get an SMS, it will pop up on TV. When you get a call you’ll see it on TV, and talk in the air without phone. You will also appear “at home” in your friends list in instant contacting application.

Induction Charging NOKIA One charges the battery of the mobile phone by induction charging.