Northern England coast to coast “SuperCity”

Architect Will Alsop has unveiled his idea of a 80-mile long, 15-mile wide super city. Nicknamed “Prezzagrad”, it would be located in Northern England and be similar to the USA’s heavily populated east coast which stretches from Boston through New York to Washington.


His vision includes innovative solutions to urban sprawl such as extending Liverpool into the Irish sea by erecting buildings on stilts up to a mile from the coast, people living in buildings looking like rubik’s cube or teddy bears, a city remodelled as a Tuscan hill village with a luminous ring road encircling it, etc.

Another concept is the “Stack”, this vertical village where 5,000 people can live and work would offer a twist on the skyscraper solution to population increase.


This northern super city could become a rival to London’s economic power and size, while maintaining local identity. “The whole point of this is to celebrate individuality and uniqueness. More than anything else, people want a return to civic pride.”

“Super city aims to break down conventional barriers to thought by constantly asking ‘what if?’, and then converts these thoughts and visions into tangible realities which I hope will intrigue and inspire visitors in equal measure.”

This supercity will be on display at Urbis, in Manchester, until May 15.

Via BBC News.