First ad-serving network for video games

New York-based Massive advertising network is launching the first ad-serving network for video games.


The system will enable marketers to place and change gamescape marketing messages in real time. Advertisers could schedule ad placements for certain blocks of days or weeks or even “day-parts,” when ad are run during certain periods of the day.

“Let’s say that in the cityscape of a typical game there is a billboard,” a Massive spokeswoman explained. “We can target the texture map that makes up that billboard and then serve any image we want at it. It could show one real billboard ad today and a totally different one tomorrow.”

“Another example,” she said, “is that there is a Blockbuster store that shows up in the cityscape of a game and its front windows show ads for that week’s real video specials. We can then make it change every week to reflect the chain’s real specials. It’s marketing messaging that is directly part of the graphical interface of the game yet is seamlessly a part of it.”

Via Adrants Adage.