My skin works better than your RFID

German Ident Technology AG has developed a possible alternative to short-range communications technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth and Near Field Communications: human skin as a transmission medium.

Skinplex technology uses certain electrical specifics inherent to human skin for the transmission.

When the bearer of the identifier — worn on the user’s body– touches the receiver –integrated into a car, for example, the transmission is activated, and the car door is opened.

Devices can also be set so that they respond not only during direct contact, but also if they are simply in the vicinity, up to 50 centimeters, which is better than RFID and NFC.


“Essentially, all applications that require the presence of a certain authorized person can be implemented with it,” stated Stefan Donat from Ident Technology: unlocking car doors, clearance for computer use, theft protection for mobile phones, cars, cameras, or other portable electronic devices and the unlocking of security devices of all kinds.

Microsoft is working on developing a similar solution. However, “Ident Technology already has the key patents in hand,” noted Donat.

From EE Times, via RFID Times.