MobZombies is a zombie-fleeing game where a player’s movement controls an avatar in the game space. Players run away from virtual zombies by really running.

You have to stay alive as a horde of the undead slowly moves towards you. The longer you survive, the more zombies appear and the better they get at following you.


Just because there are no obstacles in the virtual world doesn’t mean that there aren’t obstacles in the real world. Imagine running away from a zombie and realizing that the only way you can continue to evade it is by somehow negotiating a brick wall in the physical space or running through the football practice field during a scrimmage.

MobZombies is inspired by mobile games such as Botfighers or Mogi, where the player’s movement in the physical world correlates to the game space. Because we carry mobile devices with us everywhere, it becomes fun to think about a version of MobZombies that kicks in at random times during the day, forcing you to stop whatever you were doing and try as hard as you can to avoid the undead.

Developed at at USC Interactive Media Division by William Carter, Todd Furmanski, Kurt MacDonald and Tripp Millican.