Mobile Assassins

Mobile Assassins is an updated/mobile version of the traditional game Assassin.

Log into After you have completed your profile by entering your name, phone number and mobile carrier, you get a confirmation SMS asking you to take a camera photo of yourself and send it to [email protected]


You will receive an MMS message containing a photo of your target and you’ll have to locate him/her by any means possible.

Stealthily take a photo of his/her face and send it to [email protected]

You will recieve an MMS with the photo of your most recent hit’s target, who will be your new target
If someone tries to assassinate you, you may counter hit them first.
The game is over when only one assassin is left or if game end-time has been reached.

UPDATE: the creators of Mobile Assassins are still tightening up the game to prepare it for its first preview at the itp show. So don’t log onto right now but wait till next week.

by Jennifer Chowdhury and Ran Tao. See also a similar game developed by Taeyoon Choi: Shoot Me If You Can.

See it at the ITP Spring Show. Image from La Decima Vittima/The 10th Victim, a wonderful movie by Italian director Elio Petri with gorgeous Marcello Mastroianni. In this futuristic tale about a game of legalised murder, each player must get through ten rounds – five as “hunter”, five as “victim” – and while the hunter is privy to detailed information, his/her quarry must rely on intuition and a strong survival instinct.