Mindbending Software infiltrates the computer games of your kids

Florian Berger e Robert Praxmarer (the author of (t)error) have built Mindbending Software, a tool to mingle subliminal messages in computer games, sounds videos, textures, 3d models.

Their system catches the opengl or sdl calls and reinterprets them in various ways.


The artwork wants to offer something of a gaming equivalent of Ritalin for such games as Unreal Tournament 2004, as it alters the way that the game is displayed and allegedly subdues your children.

The technology can be compared with the subconscious pictures in the TV program, and if you don’t know about them, ask yourself why are you buying all those things you don’t need. You see it works !
Our software uses the same and some other patented methods to condition your kids.

Via Neural.