micro.adam and micro.eva

Julius Popp ‘s micro.adam and micro.eva are two simple robots who, like Adam and Eve in Paradise, will develop body-consciousness on a minimal basis.


Both robots, placed in a reduced environment, “are limited to one degree of freedom, the (double meaning) rotation about themselves. Their motion, rolling on two wheels mounted to a wall, is archived by moving an inward facing actuator. This changes the robot’s balancing point, forcing the body to turn to a new balanced position. The robot’s turning and rolling is a visualization of the controller’s learning progress — a picture of the emerging body-consciousness.”

The two robots should be ‘born’ with the same ’empty’ programs, which then must form themselves according to the characteristics of each robot. The better these programs get to know their bodies (in that specific environment), the more harmonically they will rotate. Simple body consciousness emerges.

The robots are from February 17 to April 02, 2005 at the Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, in Paris.

Via Social Robots.