Micro Dwellings

Micro Dwellings are low cost movable housing modules that can form different configurations on land, on water and under water.

The Micro Dwellings can expand and grow together with other systems into small communities. They can be built onto rooftops of existing buildings or be suspended from a bridge or a wall. The modules can be mounted on wheels or be connected to form floating constructions.


The compressed version of a MD contains very simple equipment for living. However, three modules can be combined to allow for separating functions:
Eat: kitchen area, including micro-greenhouse. Floating MD can have their own fish farms, chicken farms and floating gardens attached outdoors.
Shit: the toilet and shower. All tanks can be mounted on the outside to save space. Grey water can be led to the micro-greenhouse and purified by the plants. A micro-desalination plant can be installed for deriving drinking water from sea water. The toilet can be a compost toilet that uses no water.
Sleep: movable furniture in the form of polyethylene modules serve as sofas, beds, and tables according to needs. Bed linen, duvets etc. can be kept in a net during daytime. Flexible screens can divide the space to create privacy if wanted.

In addition, smaller modules of various shapes can be attached, if there is a need for extra rooms, storage, etc. An energy unit could be hooked on to the MD, consisting of micro-windmills, solar panels and heat systems, heat pumps, etc.

By Danish activists/designers/artists N55. See their Small Truck, Snail Shell System and Rocket system.