Meeting (or creating) girls thirst for mobile games

The inofficial totally subjective ranking of the EU’s most boring countries awarded second prize to Belgium* (big winner was Luxemburg).

To spice up everyday life of compatriots, Brussels-based Flow has created a game concept and cast of characters called MiniFizz, which are designed to appeal to girls and young women.

Each Minifizz is a woman with a complex and realistic personality. The user picks up and downloads one of them on the handset to share with “her” a real-time adventure during 3 to 4 days. The player can “interact” with the heroine, answer her SMS or MMS, see the adventure evolve on the phone display, ask her MiniFizz questions about her own future, etc.
The game has already launched on Proximus, Turkcell and Orange UK.


* I want to believe that voters had never been to Blegium before answering the survey!