Marking Your Way for Ubiquitous Gaming

Marking Your Way, by Idumi Sakuma, is a visual information display for museums and exhibition spaces, which allows users to view personal as well as collective trajectories of visitors.

[Marking Your Way was exhibited at DESIGNxART / Tama Art University]

This work was done in conjunction with a game event called Ubiquitous Gaming that took place a little more than a year ago as part of the Video Games and Digital Science Exhibition

Visitors use a personal device called wall stone that automatically detects its location by receiving beacons from hundreds of infrared devices mounted on the ceiling.

[Wall stone. A location aware personal device in which a virtual creature “digi-mon” inhabits. Players listen to it, tilt it, shake it and answer questions. ]

On its small LED display is a virtual creature “digi-mon” that asks questions to visitors when they are in front of certain exhibition items. Visitors then answer questions by tilting and shaking it. If their answers are right, the device glows. The rewards are digi-mon cards – cool.

This device and the overall design and implementation of Ubiquitous Gaming was done by NICT, Toppan Printing, and Bandai aka the tamagotch company.

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