Location-based game for blind people

Demor is a location based 3D audio shooter. The game was developed by a multi-disciplinary group of seven EMMA-students for the Bartimeus Institute for the Blind (The Netherlands). Demor can be played by both blind as sighted players.

Ingredients: players are equipped with a a laptop in a backpack, headphones, a GPS module, a head tracker and a modified joystick. The playfield can be any large, empty outdoor space.


Receipt: Player starts at point zero
Pressing the joystick button, the player is wrapped in a 3D audio shooting environment. He can then move through the sound surroundings and hear noises from his left, right and the direction in which he is heading, they can arrive from close-by or from a distance. Such sounds are produced by – among other – the enemies, the surroundings and ammunition.
The soundscape adjusts itself in real time to the position of the player and the direction in which he moves his head.
To get the highest score, the player must shoot as many “bad guys” as possible by turning his head towards them and then pulling �the trigger�.