Life in plastic

This weekend saw the UK’s first consumer cosmetic surgery exhibition. The Body Beautiful show aimed at making shopping for surgery almost as easy as choosing furniture at homes and garden shows.

What was surprising was the number of girls barely out of their teens asking about breast implants and skin procedures. And while some visitors were clearly wealthy, the majority were normal middle-class women.

Body Beautiful spokesman Adam Taylor said: “The business is booming exponentially in the UK. We are following in the footsteps of America.”


From BBC News.

If you’re brave enough, try to look at Streamor “A Digital Window to the OR for Physicians, Trainees, and Patients. Featuring Cutting Edge Open and Endoscopic Surgery From the World’s Leading Medical Centers.”

Via Unmediated.

Even more interesting is the article in The Guardian asking whether we will use the advances in plastic surgery techniques to remake our identities at will.

* in case you wondered, the woman on the picture is NOT a photomontage, she’s Michaela Romanini. Her niece is marrying into the family of Silvio Berlusconi! I love Italy.