Let’s nTag together

nTag Interactive have developped an intelligent tag the size and weight of a PDA to wear around the neck. Handed to participants at meetings, nTags are pre-programmed with the event schedule, which could be displayed on a small screen on the front of the tag, as well as with individual information supplied earlier to the organisers by the wearer (contact details, employment history, professional and personal interests).
With such a device ice-breaker questions are automatically made and answered. The tags communicate with each other via an infrared link to discover whether their bearers have similar interests. When an nTag meets a good match, it alerts its owner to the other person, just like any good party host would do .
Thanks to an RFID chip, the nTag is able to communicate to a central server: owners can download other people’s details to an email address of their choice and the central server updates data held on the tags, such as modifications to the event programme.
See article in The New Scientist