Call for guerrilla art projects

0tempsdimages.jpgLast week i visited a superb art venue just outside Paris: La Ferme du Buisson. Each year in October they organize an art festival called Temps d’Images.

For the 2007 edition they want to spread out of their walls and invade public space. They’ve asked me to curate a show of guerilla art installations and performances (interactive or not) that would engage with and re-appropriate the urban space.

The spaces to conquer are outside the Ferme du Buisson:
RER stations, bus and bus stops, shopping centers, parking lots, etc. Any places where the attention of passersby can be called to aspects of their everyday urban environment they might overlook or just ignore. The projects would inhabit the city without requiring any special permit.

As Temps d’Images is a European network some of the pieces would travel to other countries: Italy, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Estonia, etc.

There’s a decent budget so you should be able to work in good conditions.

Plus, they are also looking for an artist who could come and see the Ferme du Buisson then head to Poitiers in April to head a workshop and help students create urban projects which might be part of the festival.

If you have any work either from France or any other country to suggest or need more detail, just drop me a line (yes, you can write me in french, it’s my mother language, remember?) or post a comment here. Deadline is like… soon: mid-April.

Image from last year’s edition of the festival: EXHIBIT A4206 / Stolen Property – Howard Katz / Yoann Trellu / Felix Zopf.