Japanese robots in space

According to Pink Tentacle and NS Technology Blog, Robo-One which organises a remote-controlled robot combat event held in Tokyo every year plans to launch in space a mini-satellite carrying small humanoid robots in October 2010.


Tokyo will have 10-minute windows of communication with the satellite 4 times per day as it passes overhead. Battles will be conducted in the space surrounding the ROBO-ONE satellite during these 10-minute periods.

A 5-meter long safety line that connects each robot to the satellite will be outfitted with tension sensors that detect when the line is fully extended, determining that the robot is out of the ring.


Robot developers will have to consider new issues, such as how to deal with the strains of operating in a vacuum under extreme temperatures and high levels of radiation.

ROBO-ONE’s long-term plan is to hold competitions on the surface of the moon, which might not be possible until at least 2030.

Promo video.

Less fun but very Japanese:

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency plans to use robots to explore the moon and planets in the solar system. The robots will be able to operate exploration vehicles and make decisions on their own to build a base on the moon. The exploration vehicles will be sent to the moon within 10 years, and the base completed within 20 years.

Via News3yen PhysOrg.