Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

I’ve never had any interest in football (that’s soccer for you, American friendz.) Never ever. I come from a country that never won any championship (and if they ever did, i still don’t care), i find men in shorts a rather pathetic affair and i just don’t get sport on tv anyway. There’s been only one exception to the rule until last week and it was Eric Cantona.

Check out his famous kung fu kick and seagull morale, especially the seagull:

But to be honest with you, i had never heard of him until he started doing commercials on tv.

And hop! Another one. Isn’t he wonderful?

They don’t do men like this anymore, do they?

Last week my interest in football woke up. I went to the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (NL) to see Zidane, A 21st Century Portrait. Most of you have probably seen the film. It’s out in DVD and was touring film theatres and art museums a couple of years ago. I only saw it last week and i doubt i’ll get to see anything better in a long time. It might sound cheesy but just watching the trailer brings tears in my eyes:

Artists Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno had 17 cameras follow Zinédine Zidane on 23 April 2005, during a match between Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Villarreal in Madrid. Gordon and Parreno made a montage of all these recordings, forming a 90-minute long video portrait of Zidane. In the installation, they show this compilation alongside the full length broadcast of the game.

If you’re anywhere in the area of Eindhoven, you know where to spend one hour and a half of your precious time.

City of Sound (him again!) reviewed the movie with more depth, understanding and intelligence that i ever will so i’ll leave you in his capable hands.