It’s alive, a mixed reality games company.

It’s Alive! – Games

It’s Alive is a Sweden-based game development studio focusing on pervasive games: the games are played on multiple devices, involve the player 24 hours a day, everywhere, generating experiences that merge with the real world – redefining reality.

Launching the world’s first location-based game BotFighters� in 2000, It’s Alive is now working with game publishers, media companies, and mobile operators in creating games that will redefine gaming in the 21st century.

BotFighters is a location-based mobile game in which users play via SMS. Launched in Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Russia, it is currently generating over 1.000.000 SMS per week.

so, media entertainment is moving into mobile, if we still had some doubt. it’s time for “contents” and format design.
the result can be an hybrid that remediate videogames, tv, mobile phone capabilities.