Catapulting materials to the moon

Now that we got used to the idea of having one day space elevators, Gianmarco Radice and Prof Matthew Cartmell at the University of Glasgow have come up with plans to develop a giant slingshot to replace rockets and catapult material from the earth to the moon.

The study will explore whether it is theoretically possible to create massive cables then use the power of the earth’s orbit to catapult raw materials for mining, food, water and aerospace equipment into space.

The cables could be up to 250,000km long and made of extra strong materials.

“These ‘tether’ systems are an extremely attractive possibility for space transportation as they don’t need any fuel. The cargo is transferred from one orbit to the other using the orbital velocity of the system, explained Radice. “There are issues that have to be addressed, as the cables are very long and have to be highly resistant, but this could provide an efficient method of transporting goods between the earth and moon.”

Via The Scotsman.