Interactive chase-movie

Run Motherfucker Run, by Dutch artist Marnix de Nijs, is a trip through nocturnal Rotterdam. Your running rhythm on a treadmill determines its speed, which in turn drives up the speed of the pictures. After every film fragment, you can choose between two more short films by turning left or right. Running through the deserted streets, metro stations, or railway tracks in the night, gives you the feeling to being chased.


Through an opening in the screen, a laser scanner identifies your position relative to the screen. When you change position, the speed of the treadmill and the pictures is adapted.

I tried it this evening. It´s totally boring if you are having just a quiet stroll. To have fun, you really have to run and sweat.

I hate it when i see some new media art piece and leave thinking “When, but when will i have something similar at home?”