I won’t fuck with you tonight

A few days ago i was in Hamburg to visit a couple of exhibitions. Boris Hoppek‘s new show at Helium Cowboy being high on my priority list.


Stepping out of the metro station, on my way to the gallery, i fell in awe and love with a high and mighty building. Mark, who lives in Hamburg, explained me that this kind of bunker is in fact one of the first generation Flak tower, dating back from WWII. The anti-aircraft gun blockhouses were used by the Luftwaffe to prevent overflights of key areas in certain cities in World War II. They also served as air-raid shelters for tens of thousands of people and to coordinate air defence. With concrete walls up to 3.5 m thick, these towers were considered to be invulnerable to attack with the usual ordnance carried by Allied bombers. Now there’s a giant music shop on the bottom floor of the Hamburg Flak Tower.

Now back to some serious business: “I won’t fuck with you tonight” was the show i was there to see. You have to walk through a 4.7 meter high bcardboard sculpture to see the works which mostly deal with the theme subtly hinted by the title of the exhibition. Hoppeck paints, does sculptures, street art and “bimbo” plushes. Lovely ones.


Was first shocked but also terribly seduced by one of his latest creations Lavagina. I’ll leave you with a picture of the “puppet” and i guess you’re not expecting me to comment on that character.

My images but theirs are much nicer.