Knot toilet

While in sunny Amsterdam this afternnon, I went to Droog@Home to check their exbition of works by “New British Designers.” I had seen most of it twice, once at the Salone del Mobile (Great Brits, last year) and the second time at the Design Museum in London. But it’s always a pleasure to take pictures of the very photogenic Sprinkle carpet and Flood lamps by Wokmedia or of Julia Lohmann‘s cow benches and trippe lights.

What was new to me and made me smile for half an hour was Wokmedia’s Knot toilet.

119435863_96228026f9.jpgKnot toilet is the result of wondering what happens inside your stomach, inside a toilet or inside a sewer. Knot reflects the “digestion ” by contorted pipes which are often hidden inside toilets, in an even more uncovered and twisted way than it would usually look like. It purposes a different kind of aesthetic for toilets, based on showing instead of concealing.