Pata negra ham with added GPS

I miss Spain, o do i miss sweet life in Spain, and its jamon pata negra, the most delicious ham in the world (makes me forget i’m a vegetarian.)

Mobile phone company Amena and the Universidad de Extremadura are to equip Extremadura pigs with a mobile phone and a GPS to ensure that the animals eat and behave as they should to become good “pata negra” for your palate.


The pig will wear the system in a backpack during the montanera, a 3 month-period in which the pig should only eat acorns. The device monitors the temperature and luminosity of the place where the animal is, its location, breathing and heart rate.

The data is transmitted via internet in real time to the owner’s computer. The farmer can also check how much the pig walks everyday (this ensures that the percentage of fat and muscles is well balanced.)

So far so good and funny but El Mundo adds that after the tests on pigs, the team will work on a similar system to be worn by seniors or people with health problems.