r u logged on?

I meant to visit Ssamzie Space when I was in Seoul a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the time, but, superlocal, who visited the Space, kindly provided us with some nice photos (thanks!)

Ssamzie Space’s current exhibition is called “r u logged on? ^^;” and it showcases 10 works that reflect the pervasiveness of broadband Internet in the nation, emerging online culture, and its impact on everyday life. The exhibition will last till November 28.

“bweark” is a new Korean word that emerged in Korean Internet user community. It is based on the English word “break” and it represents anything that is weird, uncanny or unpleasant. (I wonder if it also means something similar to what a Japanese word “kowareteru” — a state of mentally “broken” — means.)

[visitors are greeted by a large brightly colored “bweark.” Photo by superlocal]

Emil Goh’s MiniRoom juxtaposes his miniroom in Cyworld, an extremely popular Korean web community site, and his actual room. He says “Supposedly, almost 99 percent of Koreans in their 20s own a Cyworld account. This means that the Internet or Cyworld is no longer just online life. It is an extension of off-line life, just like cell phones, which have become an indispensable part of our lives” (JoongAng Daily, Oct 21, 2006)

second life
[MiniRoom. Photo by superlocal]

Cyworld now operates its site in the United States, China, Japan, Taiwan as well as South Korea.

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