Howling Beautifully

Howlin, by Marina Yanagisawa, is a unique musical instrument partly inspired by Theremine, one of the earliest electronic musical instruments. Howlin turns howling noises, which we normally consider as something annoying and uncontrollable, into sources of pleasant musical experiences.

[Howlin was demoed at freq04. Also, it was recently featured at Digital Stadium.]

Check this video clip to listen to the sound of Howlin.

Howlin‘s main component is a set of acrylic pipes, each of which is integrated with a speaker (at the bottom) and a microphone (at the top). Pipes with different sizes and lengths create different sound pitches.

[Howlin‘s simplicity allows for visually appealing design of the instrument]

Players can influence and control the howling sound waves made with the speakers and the microphones by moving their hands above the transparent pipes.

via Digital Stadium