Highly sensitive punching bag with built-in trainer

First, there was SoundSlam , a punching bag with 12 pressure sensors, a global acceleration sensor and a soundprocessor unit. Slamming the punching bag at the right spots allows you to control audiofiles and create song structures through your own physical input.

sounds_03.jpgFur, the German art group who created SoundSlam went further by adding a virtual trainer: In SoundSlam 2, the voice of the trainer guides you through different sound themes teaching you various punch combinations. He gives you feedback on your performance and if you fail to re-punch the combinations correctly you get kicked out of the training program.

Via networked_performance.

Other works by the hugely amusing and terribly prolific art group:
Chant-sensitive ballrobots, Painstation and vroum vroum.



In the interactive video installation DE L’EFFORT , by French artist Donald Abad, the player, covered with sensors, can play against the “videotaped” boxer he can see through his glasses.