Herecast, an open source location software

Herecast provides location-based services on a WiFi device. These services range from informing the user where he is to using his location to give specific information, publishing presence information, leaving messages to other people in a location, allowing him to chat with people in the same area, creating games, etc. Plus, it preserves privacy.

Instead of using coordinates such as “42.9875, -81.2915”, Herecast relies on symbolic naming system , like the name of a building, for example.

Wi-Fi access point broadcasts a unique identifier, which can be used to identify it from other access points. This identifier can be used as a “landmark” to identify a particular location. All the user’s computer needs is a sort of “address book”, so when it sees access point A, it will be able to say, “ah, I recognise this — we must be in London, at the Middlesex College building, room 110.”

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