Henrin: A Woman’s Life in CD-R

Henrin, developed by Masaru Tabei and Yuria Terada, is a collection of CD-Rs that contains the life of a 26-year-old woman who has an elder sister. She was born and raised in a local city, had been working at a company after graduating from a university, and recently quit the job and moved to Tokyo. She is half fictional, half based on Yuria Terada’s past experiences.

henrin1.jpg   henrin2.jpg

[left: the disks; right: screenshot of an interactive multimedia diary stored in the disks]

Flash demo and video clip available online.

The collection includes 19 CD-R disks, each of which contains a year of her life. Since she is 26 years old, you can tell some years are missing. This is how the artists designed it to convey “incompleteness of memories” through this work.

Some of what I saw in the interactive multimedia diary were lyrical narratives of mundane things. Other things were somewhat disturbing (like her worries about some “cursing words” she heard when she was a girl).

This could be an interesting format for a new kind of entertainment that potentially stimulates people’s voyeuristic curiosity. Using one’s digital life history as entertainment media seems like a new approach (whether you like it or not).

via Digital Stadium (in Japanese)