The Designer Hymen Project was a concept product in 2004. Hymen prototypes were grown in a petri dish from rat smooth muscle tissues and blotting membranes. The hymens could theoretically be marketed as a hymen replacement but were to be distributed as soft sculptures only. Thus they were not intended for human application at that time.

HymNext[1].jpgIn may culture, the value of a female is dependent on this thin piece of mebrane. The absence of one can be devastating to her reputation and family which may lead to social rejection or even death to her. The one-time, sacred breakage of the hymen also represents the surrendering of the female as property and of sexual loyalty to the masculine counterpart during ritual consummation.

Treating the hymen as a replaceable object and creating a piece that may imply repeated events of defloration may be aborrhent to some but celebratory to others.

A project by Julia Reodica at vivoLabs.

Via a NYT article on bioart.

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