Grassroot journalism at NRC

To cover the voices of people on the street during the Republican National Convention, and let you directly plug in, the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition and the Indymedia Network have build their own newsroom: everyday, they produce a newspaper, a television show, a radio webstream and a website with up-to-the-minute reports, videos and photographs about the RNC.


To help showcase this work, the Gigantic Art Space has offered these independent journalists their gallery. From August 19 through RNC, the Independent Media Infoshop at GAS/gigantic artspace will serve as an Independent Media Infoshop for a public hungry for truth.

Another organization, the August Sound Coalition, lets you record your “straight up grassroots communication” during the RNC. They want to be a welcoming and supportive structure that sound artists, radio groups, and activists of all skill levels can plug into during the RNC.

If you have photos or text, become a moporter with MOPORT, a free service to make and share mobile phone reports.

For more news and links to other local initiatives, see Newsgrist’s imvoting blog.

Via Glowlab.
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