Frieze part 1: The fun of the fair

0a8grayson7449fa40c.jpgGrayson Perry, The Adoration of the Cage Fighters, 2012 (at Victoria Miro.) Photograph by Linda Nylind. Courtesy of Linda Nylind/ Frieze

The Frieze art fair dismantled its tents a few days ago at Regent’s Park in London. Last year’s edition disappointed me. This year, however, i liked it so much i went twice. I even walked to the other end of the park to visit Frieze Masters (that one was selling anything in between and including the medieval gargoyles and the photos by Richard Avedon.) Over the next few days, i will submit the blog to an avalanche of images and works from the fair. Let’s start light and very fast with a few art pieces that demonstrate that even artists shown at art fairs have a sense of humour:

0Churchill-16-05-2011-06-45 (1).jpg

Four years ago, Daniel Knorr put balaclavas on the head of public sculptures in Copenhagen. The Galleria Fonti from Naples had a wall covered in photos that documented the intervention.

0a6trompet011-06-46.jpg0astolenmumbaby1701b.jpg0a2stole8113.jpg0a2mummibaby59585.jpgDaniel Knorr, Stolen History, 2008

I should mention the entrance to the fair. A floor to wall carpeting of shoes in green, yellow, black and red.

0a8shoes4897d3d6.jpgThomas Bayrle, Sloping Loafers/Smooth, Frieze Projects 2012

The La Vache qui rit cow laughing at your feet and bum inside the fair was by the same artist Thomas Bayrle. Both were commissioned Frieze Projects.

0a8laughingcow7f914a3b.jpg0a8vachequirit5e6b6e.jpgThomas Bayrle, La Vache qui rit (blau)

That magnificent wallpaper on the external walls of the booth of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise? Thomas Bayrle again!

0a8wallpaper8875ede6.jpgThomas Bayrle


The pink carpet at Pilar Corrias’ booth however was by Koo Jeong A:


Speaking of pink (it was pink but my ever colour-blind camera wouldn’t admit it)… Nothing like a walrus by Carsten Höller to brighten your day:

0a8walrus9c119.jpg0a0awalrus1_ca09347930.jpg0nicole68aa_z.jpgNicole Eisenman, Untitled (at Galerie Barbara Weiss)

0aSYO_Balloon 01.jpg0SYO_Balloon 04.jpgOh Seung Yul, The Ability to Blow Themselves Up, Still (at One And J. Gallery)

0a8doogie93743ff_z.jpgGabi Trinkaus, Doogie Black, 2012. Georg Kargl Fine Arts Vienna

0eggplantlee0x800.jpgMargaret Lee, Eggplant (Hello), 2012 (at Jack Hanley Gallery)

0a8elvis_ecb89238f4.jpgGrayson Perry, The Adoration of the Cage Fighters, 2012 (detail)

From a series of ultra absurd Talking Objects by Laurie Simmons:

0ehandkerchied841446.jpgLaurie Simmons, Talking Handkerchief, 1987

This one wasn’t supposed to be funny:

0a8corpsea2067d5bc8.jpgHuma Mulji, Lost and Found, 2012