Floating Numbers table

Here’s another interactive table. A particularly gorgeous one.

For an exhibition in the Jewish Museum, in Berlin, new media group ART+COM (in collaboration with H�rlimann + Lepp Ausstellungen) was commissionned the “floating.numbers” project to illustrate the power of numbers and signs in Judaism.

On a 9-metre long table, numbers are flowing in a continuum. Digits appear randomly at the surface of this stream of numbers. Visitors could catch a number by tapping on it and it made the digits “explode” into an encyclopaedia entry for the number, featuring text and image or a movie.


The significance of the numbers materialised from the various perspectives of science, religion, art or one�s outlook on everyday life. For example, the number “08/15”, originated in WW I, denoted the first machine gun produced according to industrial standards. If something is “08/15”, it is mass production and boring.

Thanks Monika!