Fish, plant, rack

Fish, plant, rack, conceived by Host Production, examines the relationship between a fish, a robot and some plants and in particular how a “collaboration” between the robot and fish might improve or interfere with the development of the plants.

The navigational electrical discharges of the virtually blind elephant fish instruct the actions of a robot whose task is to monitor the development of plants.


Using an AI system “DharmAi” the robot listens to the audible incoming stream of pulses from the fish and interprets patterns and densities of clicks as parameters for actions. Gradually building up a more comprehensive understanding of the language within these signals, the robot goes about its tasks in a way that is increasingly dictated by the fish. The robot is also free to express its “feelings” about the conditions of the plants and its relationship with the fish through soundsm light signals and motions configured to convey excitement, awe, anxiety and disappointment.

The robot, despite its sophisticated intelligence, is a slave to the fish and to the plants (both unaware of what’s going on) and can express itself only within prescribed limits.

More images and a movie.

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