Exhibition tip – Graphic design from Japan in 100 posters

I received two emails yesterday asking me for suggestions of exhibitions to see in Venice. Aside from the Architecture Biennale of course.


The obvious tip would be to send everyone to see the collection of François Pinault at Palazzo Grassi. But there’s a small and charming exhibition about to close at the gallery of the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa on Piazza San Marco: Graphic Design from Japan – 100 Posters 2001-2010.

Some of the most impressive works eluded my google image searches. Thankfully, Kazumasa Nagai’s “Life” series didn’t.

kazumasa-nagai-3-470x329.jpgkatsugama nakai.jpg

I couldn’t find anything about this cheerful “Hiroshima appeals 2010” by Keisuke Nagatomo (design), Seitaro Kuroda (illustration) and Shinzo Higurashi + Seitaro Kuroda (copy). So all you’ll get will be details from the original posters:


If the many billboards glued on and around Piazza San Marco haven’t exhausted your patience for advertising, then head to the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. Graphic Design from Japan – 100 Posters 2001-2010 remains open until 20 October 2010.