Electronic eye help blind people cross roads

Researchers from the Kyoto Institute of Technology have developed an “electronic eye” that can be fitted to a pair of glasses to help the blind cross the road. The system uses a camera and computer to detect the location of a pedestrian crossing, its width and the color of any related traffic lights.


“The camera would be mounted at eye level, and be connected to a tiny computer. It will relay information using a voice speech system and give vocal commands and information through a small speaker placed near the ear,” explained Professor Tadayoshi Shioyama, one of its developers.

In tests of the system, the scientists said it successfully detected the location of crossings 194 out of 196 times. In two cases it mistakenly said there wasn’t a crossing where there was one.

The scientists are now working on the best way to incorporate the device into a comfortable pair of glasses that a blind person can wear.

Via Eyebeam reBlog Reuters.