The clothing game

Edoc Laundry‘s first line, expected to launch March 1, literally weaves an episodic, multimedia game into the fabric of its garments.

The idea is an extension of alternate reality games in which people try to solve puzzles that are propagated online but require players to team up to find clues in the real world. Usually, the games are promotional vehicles for other products, including video games and movies.


The clues embedded in Edoc Laundry’s shirts and accessories are subtle, or in some cases even woven into the interior of the garments. The little cardboard tags that are usually hanging off new clothes will be detailing the rules of the game.

The story involves the mysterious death of the manager of a fictional band called Poor Richard. Players find clues such as words and symbols embedded in the clothes. They then head to a Web site where they can unlock complex elements of the overriding story of Poor Richard and its music.

The company plans to come out with what amounts to new episodes of the game with each new seasonal line.

Via Futurismic