Interactive mood survey

D-Tower, built in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, is a sculpture where the intensive (feelings, qualia) and the extensive (space, quantities) exchange roles, where human action, color, money, value, feelings all become networked entities.


Designed by NOX Architects, the tower is connected to a website in two different ways.

1. The website is a visualization of the responses of the 45,000 inhabitants of Doetinchem to a questionnaire which deals with emotions like Hate, Love, Happiness and Fear.

2. The four emotions are represented by four colours: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow, which are also the colors of the lamps illuminating the building. If there was a lot of happiness in the city on day 1, the tower will turn blue.

In a capsule placed underneath the Tower inhabitants of Doetinchem can also place personal messages on the emotional “Landscapes”.