dorkbot Tokyo #000004

[dorkbot Tokyo #000004, the flyer]

The 4th Dorkbot Tokyo (or TΩKYΩ) is taking place on March 8 (Open 7PM, Start 7:30PM) in Roppongi (see the map). As usual, the program looks very interesting. Since it’s in Japanese, here’s a quick list of the speakers/performers.

  • Kanagawa Densih Gijutsu Kenkyusho (Kanagawa Electronics Technology Lab) – They make unique original games based on retro games.

  • Eiji Morikawa and Yoshito Ohgami from Kabushikigaisya Hori (Hori, Inc.) – they developed unique devices like periBorg, which may appeal to gamers who want to snack on while gaming.

  • Hideyuki Ando, Junji Watanage, and Taro Maeda, who developed Vestibular Stimulation, an audio device that directly stimulates vestibular sensation with electric signals.

  • Live music performances by Motallica – two guys playing drums and mobile speaker boxes, Kota Masumoto who plays screaming guitar piano sampler drums, and A.K.I., a geek’n’cool D.J.

  • There’s also a time slot for 5 minute presentations – anyone who wants to present can send her name, email and abstract to dorkbottokyo [at] dorkbot [dot] org before the date of the event.

By the way, Georg Tremmel wrote a nice summary of Dorkbot Tokyo #000003 in English if you haven’t seen it already.

thanks, Sembo and regine.

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