Dorkbot SL premiered

I’ve just been at the very first dorkbot in Second Life which Régine had announced a couple days ago.

First we met at Shintaro Miyazaki‘s (Maximillian Nakamura in SL) place and then teleported over to a special place that Ian Murray (Ian Ah) had prepared. There were screenings and small lectures by Jeremy O. Turner (Wirxli FlimFlam) and “Avatar performance art group” Second Front (who apparently recently screened Strange Culture as the first ever feature-length film in SL).


It was an interesting experiment, but with all the lag and the many people around, I must say that it was a bit hard to follow. As SL may mature, this might become an interesting platform for people who do strange things with SL (and lots of electricity) as there were already weird black tentacles floating around and people sitting upside down.

Some photos for those who missed it.