Bubble House for sale

Inspired by Finnish architect Antti Lovag (see his own Palais Bulles) in the mid 70’s, the Bubble House with its an indoor river, bubble kernel and cactus garden is for sale.


Lovag invented the bubble-house concept in the 1970s when he noted that primitive dwellings, such as caves and igloos, better reflected the way humans move (which is maybe correct but i lived in a “bubble” house once and it was a chore to find “bubble” furniture to fit there).

The Bubble House current owner, Daniel Bord, fell in love with Lovag’s creations, took himself off to a week-long bubble-house-building course at Lovag’s workshop near Nice, came back in Festes-et-Saint-André, in south-west France and started work.

There are some 20 bubble houses in France, the price of this one is set at €2,440,000 ($3,000,000).

Via BookofJoe. See also The Telegraph.