Dance performance for a live location-aware media environment

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Myriorama, there ruled a king who knew the art
of reading and bending the thoughts of his people over great distances, which
rendered him famously powerful. One day, a wanderer entered the kingdom…

Taking a hint from Italo Calvino’s story ‘A King Listens’, ambientTV.NET and kondition pluriel have repurposed location-aware mobile devices, motion sensors and audio-visual transmissions to create a responsive performance space that both extends beyond, and is concentrated in the venue itself.

The protagonist at the centre of Myriorama tracks his subjects, agents and avatars as they move through the city. The wanderer’s location in the city is reported by satellite-based GPS, and fed into the venue’s local network via a cellphone network and the internet. Inside, the data are manipulated and transformed in real time by the dancer’s gestures, using a wireless sensor system.

To participate:
London: Thursday 12 and Friday 13 August 2004 at Project Market, Silwex House, Quaker St., E1 6SN
Helsinki: Saturday 21 August 2004 at Kiasma Theatre as part of ISEA