Computergames and Urban perception

Here is a list of Location-Based Mobile Games found by Mjriam Struppeck from in Bauwelt, (a german architecture Magazine)

Pac-Manhattan, by Dennis Crowley, Frank Lantz (instructor) and others
Location: Manhattan, New York, USA – 2004

Navigate the Streets, by Level 28 Brands
Location: Several Cities in Canada – 2004

I Like Frank in Adelaide, by Blast Theory
Location: Adelaide, Australia – 2004

Pirates!, by PLAY research studio, Interactive Institute
Location: HUC conference in Bristol, UK – August 2000

CitiTag, by HP Labs, the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
Location: Bristol, UK – 2004

Undercover, by YDreams
Location: Hong Kong / Portugal – since 2003

Uncle Roy All Around You, by Blast Theory
Location: London, UK – 2003

Can You See Me Now?, by Blast Theory
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands, March – 2003

Mogi, Newt Games
Location: Tokyo, Japan – since 2003

, by Amy Hung
Location: Times Square, NYC, USA – 2003

Urban Challenge, by Verizon Wireless
Location: Several Cities in USA – since 2002

NodeRunner, by Yury Gitman, Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena
Location: NYC, USA – since 2002

The Go Game, by Wink Back, Inc.
Location: San Francisco, USA – since 2001

MobileHunt, by HIPnTASTY
Location: USA and Canada – since 2001

Cutlass – Treasure Hunt, by DCA Productions, Steve Bull (CEO)
Location: Times Square, NYC, USA – since 2001

GunSlingers, Mikoishi Studios
Location: Singapore – 2003

TreasureMachine, Unwiredfactory

BattleMachine / Zonemaster, by Unwiredfactory

BotFighters, by It’s Alive
Location: Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Russia – since 2000

Geocaching/GPS Stash Hunt, by Groundspeak

Outdoor Mixed-reality Games


Human Pacman


From Locative mailing list

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and M.A.D. Countdown, by Steffen P. Walz.