Communications path by simple touch

RedTacton is a Human Area Networking technology developed by NTT Docomo, that uses the surface of the human body as a network transmission path. Communication starts when the skin comes in contact with a transceiver and ends with physically separation.

The system works through shoes and clothing as well.


Potential advantages include:
– services tailored to the individual needs of the user;
– as communication is triggered by natural human actions, there is no need to insert smart cards, connect cables, tune frequencies;
– setup, registration, and configuration information for an user can all be uploaded to a device the instant the device is touched, eliminating the need for the device to be registered or configured in advance;
– tables, walls, floors and chairs can act as conductors and dielectrics, turning furniture and other architectural elements into a new class of transmission medium. For example, you could have instant access to the Internet by placing a laptop onto a conductive tabletop.
– the system could be installed on any locations calling for secure access, such that each secure access could be initiated and authenticated with a simple touch.

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