Call to Action

I would like my blog to be only about Hihi and Haha! but one of my favourite spots to see and learn about new media art in Europe might disappear for lack of fundings. Please, please, do not let that happen! Copy paste from the newsletter:

0aatesll9.jpgin light of the current threat to t e s l a ‘s existence, we call upon artists, audience, and colleagues, to communicate to the state of berlin what the city risks to lose with this decision.
learn more about the current situation at tesla, write a letter or an email to mr andre schmitz, the state secretary for cultural affairs, and please remember to send a copy to t e s l a , as well, for our documentation. you will find the necessary addresses at the end of this post.

rather than generic protest letters, we particularly encourage qualified statements on the meaning and importance of media art, on the need for venues for artistic production, presentation, and reflection, on support for media art in berlin, and on t e s l a ‘s role in both a local and international context. in the coming months, we will increase our efforts to attain support from the state of berlin for this branch of the arts, and we hope that this action
will make it clear that a real need and a broad interest exists.

please address any questions to moritz von rappard (pr and press) at 030. 247 49 788 or

andreas broeckmann, detlev schneider, carsten seiffarth

Herrn Staatssekretär André Schmitz
beim Regierenden Bürgermeister von Berlin
Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten
Brunnenstraße 188 – 190
10119 Berlin

Seen at Tesla: Digit and ThinkingMachine, Tesla open studio days Part 1 and Part 2, Fades, GalleryDrive.