Bluesnarf attacks

While he was testing the security of Bluetooth devices, security expert Adam Laurie discovered the vulnerability of mobile devices to bluesnarfing last November. Equipped with a Bluetooth enabled laptop and a special software, a “bluesnurfer” can nick your phone book, from contact list or calendar to any multimedia items that you’ve associated with them.

The ClickOnline redaction of the BBC sent Laurie in the streets of London to check how much damage bluesnurfing could do. In just 30 minutes, it turned up that the expert connected with 192 bluetooth-enabled phones, of which 54 were vulnerable: they would have transmitted their datas without the owner being conscious of it!
Manufacterers are working to find a way to secure mobile devices from any bluesnarfing attack.
Meanwhile, users should switch off Bluetooth in places they consider to be risky.

Check the video of the report in BBC World.