Blitze Gidsen

Blitze Gidsen is an audio tour for museumgoers.

Seven seperate audiotours offer different perspectives on artworks. The visitor, for example, can listen to the museum educators’ vision – then switch to that of children – and end with an artists’ view on the creation and meaning of the works. It is also possible to listen to poems, songs, stories and theatre monologues that further enliven the work.


The shape of the audio devices corresponds to the nature of the audio. If the audio is given by children then the wearable object is shaped like a backpack – the tour by Vincent van Gogh is integreated into a straw hat. Coat racks throughout the museum hold the audio objects so visitors can pick and swap them as they go.

The objects are location aware, they offer the right audio content at the correct location, without the visitor pushing any buttons.

By Lotte Meijer.
Part of Art Attack, October 28-30, in Utrecht.