Berliner Kunstsalon (part 1)

Berliner Kunstsalon is the other event that i visited during the Art Forum Berlin earlier this month and it was probably my favourite as well. Just like Preview Berlin and Berliner Liste, the event catered to people who are “open to new movements and setting trends.” I’ve become obsessed with these art fairs lately. There’s such an insane amount of art all around you that you’re bound to see a few pieces which are so good that you’ll forget the rest. Doesn’t happen to me that often when i visit an exhibition or a festival.


Great location: some 12,000 sq.m. in a building complex which used to be a horse tram yard and was built in 1926.


Great catering: i’m vegetarian and while i was happy to see a macro-bio snack bar when i visited Berliner Liste, i also love it when there’s something to remind me that i’m in Berlin and nowhere else and seeing people grill sausages in an art fair made my day.


Good art everywhere. I was particularly impressed by the Gallery Guillaume Daeppen from Basel. They are very good at selecting this kind of cute and trashy art i see everywhere i go. I guess i’ll soon be tired of it but so far so good.

0akangggr.jpg0adaeppen1.jpgHilde Kentane had some inflatable pets made of recycled plastic bags and still bearing bits of commercial messages, icons and labels.

0atempleofno.jpgLuca Schenardi likes his ladies in bikini and shiny orange eyes, Christophe Lambert likes his Bambi dead and his heroes without a face.