Beat version of MeetingPoint

The first public beta version of MeetingPoint is now available:

MeetingPoint is a free, simple, short-range messaging Bluetooth application, that works on many Smartphones, PDA, and on Windows PC/laptops.


MeetingPoint reduces the typical finding/recognition time up to 70%, which can be crucial when people -and so the bluetooth devices- may be moving around, on and off-range for brief periods of time.

At the airport or bus/train station… Users can meet with someone previously unknown (e.g. business contact, virtual friend) by just agreing on a channel and
MeetingPoint will sound an alarm when you’re at bluetooth working range.

It also comes handy to find known people in difficult places (like a crowded pub), or to meet new people using a common (named “PUBLIC”) channel.

Via Social Software Weblog.