BattleBoard 3D

BattleBoard 3D (BB3D) is a project on augmented reality games by Sune Kristensen, Bjørn W. Nielsen, Troels Lange at InteractiveSpaces.

The idea comes from a sequence of Star Wars IV where two characters are playing chess with living pieces.

Here the physical pieces are associated with animations which show the virtual representation of pieces and the outcome of battles.


Based on the ARToolkit as the platform, a Web cam detects a marker which contains a graphical symbol. The marker can be associated with 3D graphics.

To experience the battle in the virtual world, the player can use both with VR goggles enhanced by a Web cam or with a Web cam and a display. The game is played on a six times seven squared board, each player starts with seven pieces and the objective is to capture the opponent’s chest which is similar to the flag in e.g. Stratego.

The pieces are made with LEGO. Future developments may allow players to build their own pieces in LEGO and define their own markers and to utilize a different kind of goggle to minimize the fumbling when moving pieces.

Via the guy who eats pasta with vinegar (people were burnt for such eccentricities in the Middle Age.)

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